What is Potanist?

Potanist is a new community for anyone interested in growing their own marijuana at home. Growing your own cannabis at home is legal in at least 15 U.S. states and may soon be legal in Canada and in Australia.

The Grower's Dashboard

Potanist provides homegrowers an easy and effective way to manage their grows with the Grower's Dashboard. Once you register for Potanist, you can keep track of all of your grows, past and present. Within each grow, manage your plants by entering information about the breeder and strain, expected flowering time, and grow methodology (such as hydroponic or soil). Once you get started, you can easily record your measurements to track nutrients, temperature, humidity, and more.

Our Community

If you run into trouble during your grow, you can easily share your grow details with the Potanist community. Let experienced growers take a look at your logs and they'll help identify where you might be going wrong. Remember, growing marijuana is easy, but growing good marijuana can be complicated.

Once you get the hang of it, you can reflect on your old grows and see how far you've come as a cannabis homegrower. Publish your grows to help the community that helped you and earn some bragging points by sharing photos of your homegrown high quality marijuana.