Grow Better Cannabis.

New Growers

Starting your first home grow may seem daunting, but with Potanist's tools and community, you don't have to grow alone. Start growing pot at home today!

Experienced Growers

Potanist's tools make it easy to manage your grows and plants and helps you grow more consistent, higher quality marijuana.


Tell Your Story

With your own Potanist Grow Journal, you can show off your growing skills with photos of your stickiest buds and post about your new growing strategy or what's tried and true. Use your notes from your journal to make your next grow even better.



Don't grow in the dark- start collaborating with the cannabis homegrow community. The abilities to share your grow, view experts' and friends' grows, and publish your work make Potanist the first truly collaborative cannabis community garden.


Track and Monitor

Track your marijuana grow at a high level or record every detail of your plants- it's up to you. Our flexible and intuitive dashboard will help you figure out what's working in your grow and what isn't. View generated reports and analytics based on the data you collect.

Secure and mobile!

Potanist is available on all your devices just by visiting in your web browser. Our website is served over a secure HTTPS connection and we have a Grade A rating with SSL Labs.